Slate is an experiment in developing language based on found environments, subverting many of the expectations around human-centricity and communication with each other and our planet. The project is a unique manifestation of multiple modes of visual communication — photography, semiotics, typography — brought together in book form that allows a reader space to get lost, while also providing clues to find themselves again (or anew).

Photography and graphic design are inseparably linked as modes of discovery and documentation. The book presents ciphers, left for a reader to decode and use as necessary. To return to when these marks’ significance shifts from indecipherable to an awakening. The project is an attempt to question existing mappings and ways of structuring the world. What does it feel like to be completely lost, both in the world and in a body of work — and return to a place of bewilderment?

7.5 x 9.5, embossed linen hardcover
Digital press
Edition of 36
136 pages
ISBN 979-8-9865115-0-4

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As Above So Below

As Above So Below asks its readers to consider a question throughout its pages:

“Is change possible?”

Alchemy in one’s reality. Alchemy in what to believe. Reality and belief, crystallized into two separate readings of one set of material. One progression of the work invites participants to search for the truth in a collection of moments. Flipping the book over unveils a new reading that tests a reader’s patience and fortitude. Each choice references the other through symmetry and language.

In addition to lens-based photography, the book introduces a set of experimental images based on conversions of data: visual to audio back to visual. As Above So Below combines a spectrum of images with typography and other graphic expressions to create a singular object that, at its core, challenges the idea of faith, questioning what is true.

6.5 x 8.5, stab-bound softcover
Archival pigment on Mohawk Superfine
Edition of 10
44 pages
ISBN 979-8-9865115-1-1

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Ten Ten

Was it all a dream?

Ten Ten presents slivers of human interaction — spread over a night of chaos. Ten fragments, tied together by desire. The book is a work of fiction, though it is inspired by two decades of real experiences in and out of love, told through photography, poetry, and iconography.

The typesetting of the writing reflects the urgency of attraction; the surreality of obsession is reflected in the images. It’s a fever dream of material, posing the question: what happens to a heart after hours?

8 x 10.75, perfect-bound softcover
Digital press
Edition of 50
40 pages


Tokens reflects on the emotional complexities of materialism — consumption that thrills when the unobtainable is finally within one’s reach.

The work in the book exists in a mental space after JCPenney catalogs, well before Amazon, when logging onto a nascent internet to secure lusted-after items was as complicated as it was seductive.

The design was inspired by fashion Look Books: a bit oversized, a bit unemotional in its presentation, a bit crude in its request for attention. Photography has been sequenced with computer-glitched images to reinforce the idea of consumerism as a taxing effort — the ROI of which is a daily negotiation.

8.3 x 11.7, perfect-bound softcover
Digital press
Edition of 25
48 pages

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Much of my identity is influenced by growing up in small-town America before being out about one’s sexuality became more common. It felt subversive to explore my body and its conversation with others. To this day, internalized homophobia impacts how I move through my world.

Self is an examination of the ways I see myself — objectively, subjectively, through different eyes, through different bodies — and the ways I might want to be seen. I find confidence now in looking at my body. I find a certain pleasure in being uncomfortable, imperfect, human.

The book was edited, designed, and produced by referencing key memories from my teenage and post-teenage years. Glossy, inaccessible magazines informed the paper choice and stark layouts; 90s and early-00s advertisements from brands such as FCUK and Diesel informed the typography and design finishes. Together with the photography, the book is a recording of queerness and the complexities of masculinity. It’s a document of what’s worthy of being visible.

7.5″ x 9″, saddle-stitched softcover
Digital press
Edition of 30
28 pages