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Vestiges is an act of meditation with the ghosts that embody our inhabited lands. The work is a reflection on the unsettling, breath-taking feeling of experiencing only one snapshot of time, knowing that countless other iterations have existed in the past. An unknown number will take shape in the future.

The collection includes nine framed archival pigment prints, limited edition posters, and various smaller unframed prints for sale. Read more here.

In Practice

Book Workshops

I offer private, in-person bookmaking workshops for creatives in the Asheville, NC area. These are ideal for:

  • A visual artist who wants to create a designed maquette and is overwhelmed about where to start
  • A writer who is curious about uniquely combining text and image
  • A hobbyist who wants to turn a photo collection into a compelling narrative

Many creative workshops are one-directional, with a facilitator who imparts guidance and knowledge. I’m interested in the power of working two-directionally, with both myself and the participant working on books concurrently, inspired by the projects we bring to the table, learning by making. Each session is tailored to the participant’s individual project needs and intended outcomes.

Workshop Length: 4 weeks, 2 hours per week. Workshops can be arranged to fit into any schedule.

Materials and Equipment: Participants have access to two wide-format inkjet printers for creating dummies, mockups, and other prints. Additionally, the studio always has an assortment of papers and bookbinding materials for use. Participants are free to use the studio however they would like during our time together, including storage of material.

Price: $600
Materials Fee: $50


3by is a quarterly critique series hosted at the studio for local artists who are interested in engaging in dynamic conversations with a range of creatives to further their projects.


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